2018 Abstract Submissions

NOTE: Abstracts are no longer being accepted.

Topic Areas

The conference will explore the following and other topic areas related to SRWC production systems:

1.  Ecosystem services
2.  Phytotechnologies
3.  Biomass production
4.  Genetics and physiology
5.  Harvesting and logistics
6.  Social factors and policy issues
7.  Wood products and conversion

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Abstract Submissions

Submit abstracts in English using MS Word to Ron Zalesny Jr.. Label filenames with the last name of the corresponding author followed by “SRWC2018” (i.e., “Smith SRWC2018”). Each abstract will receive at least two technical reviews. The abstract should be typed in 11-point Times New Roman font with 1.5-line spacing and 1.9-cm margins, and the content should adhere to the following structure (for review presentations, the abstract body may be limited to Background and Conclusions):

Title (in bold)
Author names (indicate corresponding author with an asterisk)
Author affiliations (on separate lines, denoted by numerical superscripts after names)
Abstract Body (500-word maximum)
Preferred topic area (1-7 above)
Preferred format (oral or poster) NOTE: Posters should not be greater than 36″ wide and 24″ tall (91.44 cm wide x 68.58 cm tall)
Young professional (e.g., undergrad/grad student, post-doc, etc.) (yes or no)

An example abstract is included here. ​