Membership Information

We welcome you to become an individual member or a corporate sponsor of the Short Rotation Woody Crops Working Group.


If you are able to attend an upcoming meeting of the Short Rotation Woody Crops Working Group, individual membership will be granted for the 2 years following the meeting.  By becoming an individual member you will be kept on an active mailing list to be informed of upcoming meetings and recieve notices of newsletters and publications that are put on this website.


Private sector companies that produce or utilize woody crops are encouraged to become corporate sponsors of the Short Rotation Woody Crops Working Group.  Corporate sponsorship can be obtained at several levels.  To learn more about the levels and rewards of becoming a corporate sponsorship please open the SRWC Sponsorship Matrix which was prepared in preparation for the 2012 Biennial Short Rotation Woody Crops Working Group conference.  Some of the information, such as deadline dates, can be ignored since corporate sponsorship is welcome at any time.

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